We're seeking Those Who will Make A Difference. 

Seattle Data For Good began in June 2016, and currently has 865 members and several corporate sponsors. As a citizens service organization we're committed to solving problems of homelessness, hunger, school violence, environmental improvement, infrastructure, health, community inclusion, educational equality, minority and women business development services, and transportation.

We seek those who want to use their data science, technology, marketing, design and community leadership skills to improve the social good.  We are a social capital driven organization. For example we ourselves more knowledgeable and valuable by offering free courses to our members. We call it the SmartCo-op.  Joining Seattle Data For Good will give you a real sense of doing the right thing. 

Seattle Data For Good is a Washington state recognized 501 C3 non-profit. This status allows us to seek support funding, equipment, software and hardware, and office space for our projects as well as obtain different data tools useful in meeting the needs of current and future projects.