Seattle Data for Good is a citizen-service organization. We represent Seattle's community of socially conscious data scientists, architects, analysts, visualizers, data students, data change agents, designers, data stewards, virtualization/cloud specialists, and others who are committed to solving some of the most pressing problems of our community, nation, and world.

Our meetings attract inspired individuals who want to help create a caring and better world. At present we have contacted state, local, and federal government agencies and are developing projects with them. We are also working with non-profit organizations focused on homelessness, housing, transportation, education, human services, and the environment. 

We generally schedule four meetings per month. All are usually two hour sessions: the first is a new member’s orientation, new project session and speaker event; the second and fourth are for existing project work, and the third is an education session. Our third sessions often range from tutorials on basic data concepts and their applications, to soft skill mini courses, success stories from local practitioners, to discussions of data science tools, new technologies, and best practices used in our projects. We are indebted to Microsoft for office space at the Impact Hub and use of Azure, as well as to Elastic and GalaticExchange for their help.

We welcome those who care, those who work for organizations already committed to doing social good, and those who want to network, getting immediate help or ideas from those who live and work in DataWorld. Join and hear presentations from individuals who really can motivate and inspire us. Join and you will be making a difference.