Project 1 - Reducing School Violence With Big Data

Why Did We Start

Project Leader: Paul Privateer

ElasticCon Award Interview

We are a Microsoft, Google, and Elastic sponsored national initiative, working closely with them at Hack sessions. We are creating an app that parents and teachers can use to correlate a student's behaviors to certain forms of violence. We are . 

The project needs:

1) Java expertise (3 hours  weekly);

2) a tech project manager (5 hours weekly);

3) psychology researchers (2 hours weekly)

4) a marketing staff with social media skills ( 2 hours weekly) ; and

5) admin volunteers (3 hours weekly) 

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New Project - Helping to increase percentage of Student graduation rates - The Rally Effort

RALLY is a collective of agencies, organizations, and individuals dedicated to collective impact efforts toward creating a cradle-to-career system for children.

RALLY serves 5 counties in western Washington. In each county, we support a consortium of local school districts, institutions, and nonprofits. Our mission is to rally communities to nurture our children and youth from cradle to career.

RALLY’s efforts are focused on our overall goal of increasing the percentage of youth who complete high school and earn a post-secondary credential.  Our theory of action is that the percentage of youth who meet this benchmark will increase if we:

·      Expand integrated systems of support (academic/social/emotional/health) to build resilience and mitigate barriers, and

·      Expand opportunities for engaging, active, community-connected learning; including Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Mathematics (STEAM)

RALLY’s Problem of Practice:

Currently we can identify the students who do not complete high school, and which student populations have the largest gaps, but it is less clear what the specific barriers are for the youth in those gap populations, and which supports provided by schools and communities most effectively mitigate the barriers to high school completion and post-high school credential attainment. One might characterize this problem as, “We lack an effective intervention management systemthat can recommend interventions proven effective in similar contexts and monitor whether the interventions chosen are having the intended effects.”

RALLY is requesting Seattle Data for Good expertise to help us integrate data from multiple sources & analyze the integrated data sets for the purposes of:

·      Establishing an intervention management system as briefly described above, 

·      Creating actionable goals to guide our collective impact efforts,

·      Measuring progress toward those goals, and 

·      Evaluating the impact of our efforts.

Project Leader: Paul Privateer