Isolate whale sounds from man-made sounds using 7 years of hydrophone data

Tyler Crisafulli has 7 years of hydrophone data from Puget Sound together with significant metadata regarding unique sounds created by different animals in the sound. He is looking to conduct further research on whale language and communication which in part requires the filtering of man-made noise pollution from the data. Contact Tyler at Tyler.Cris@gmail.com

Whale Trail

The Whale Trail is a Seattle-based non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the southern resident orcas and other marine life along the Western coast of the United States. Informational signs located along the coast make up the trail, featuring marine animals commonly viewed from that area. We're promoting land-based observation of marine life to protect the creatures inhabiting the water. 


There are currently more than 50 observation sites on the trail, stretching from BC, Canada, to Santa Cruz, CA. To extend the reach of our impact, the Whale Trail is seeking data on how the signs are inspiring communities on land to take action, and how that translates to the well-being of marine life. 

We're particularly interested in knowing the following: demographics of sign viewers; how long do people spend reading the signs; what people learn from the signs, and if that knowledge has changed their awareness and stewardship; how/if the signs have encouraged involvement in marine life preservation, and if there's a measurable impact within the marine environment tied to this. We're mainly interested in answering these questions for Washington viewers, eventually extending this study to the entire trail. 

To learn more, please feel free to email Courtney at courtney.heitter@yahoo.com, or visit the Whale Trail at thewhaletrail.org.