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Create a Machine Learning Model to understand the network of Anti Vaxxers

Due to the rise in the anti vaxxer movement, many patients who have a low immunity are at risk of being exposed to deadly diseases. The project entails using clustering techniques to understand the network of anti vaxxers and devising the strategies to control the movement.


Health Impacts of changes to the Affordable Healthcare act

Supporting Free and Charitable Clinics in WA

Washington Healthcare Access Alliance

Washington Healthcare Access Alliance (WHAA) supports Washington’s free and charitable clinics. The free clinics are the last rung on the ladder of the state’s social safety net and they primarily serve those without insurance or those without the documentation to receive care elsewhere. A repeal of the ACA would cause demand to spike at these clinics

Survey for Washington Healthcare Access Alliance

Washington Healthcare Access Alliance supports the state’s free and charitable clinics, who serve the hundreds of thousands of patients ineligible for Medicaid or without coverage for the care they need.

We recently secured a Department of Health contract to run the Volunteer and Retired Providers Program, through which healthcare volunteers receive malpractice insurance, and retired healthcare volunteers receive free license renewal. The program is used by just under 2,000 volunteer statewide, most of whom staff free clinics, but who also work in community health centers, rural clinics and IHS clinics. Part of this program involves an annual survey of volunteers and clinics to get an accurate picture of who is being served, what kind of care they are receiving and where the unmet needs are. The survey has never been done well in the 20 plus years of this program’s existence, so the data are unreliable. Return rates are abysmal and the information has never been shared back with the clinics and volunteers. Reporting of survey data is also historically weak. Capturing and sharing the survey data is an excellent way to find out more about our healthcare safety net system as a tool for improved programming and legislation.

We are looking for help in developing and implementing the survey, and using the data to create meaningful reports for use by clinics and policy makers. We want this data utilized in a meaningful way that helps grow our volunteer network statewide and improves access to care for Washington’s underserved patients.