July 2017 Updates: projects, goodies, events and contact

1.   Projects: here is a sample of current projects. If you are interested, need more info or have some ideas, send an email to seattledataforgood2017@gmail.com

the Washington State Office of Minority and Businesswomen Enterprises is in its first stages thanks to our member Sarthak Mishra and his team. They welcome newcomers to the project- http://omwbe.wa.gov

the Mary’s Place project - http://www.marysplaceseattle.org --is ready to turn toMicrosoft’s support. Matt and his team are close to Microsoft’s Azure suite of database tools to help fight homelessness.

NoSchoolviolence.org is working with Seattle Data for Good to create a data query tool that links adolescent behaviors to certain kinds of school violence and makes that tool available in Washington Schools. The team welcomes any who would like to help, both in terms of data work and public relations, grant writing, and marketing.

Our team working with Washington Healthcare Access Alliance has done great work and is looking to extend its help to healthcare organizations. Our Healthcare team is always looking for new projects and volunteers.

Seattle Data for Good has a team of volunteers working on creating a City Social Good Engine, a web app that identifies existing social service projects by kind, location and directors. Help is needed here.

Our Education teams are also working on equity issues in education, the next phase of a project dealing with a statewide database for lead-testing in Washington schools, and a project helping InVested, a funding source, with creating data to provide assistance to Washington’s students.

A new project with Seattle Central Community college helps analyze and formulate data showing that unequal access to education for prisoners of color denies them the opportunity to move passed the likelihood of a recidivist future;

Transportation projects are focused on traffic issues, using GIS data to analyze traffic accidents.

A project that may move ahead is exploring how hydrophone data from Puget Sound together with significant metadata regarding unique sounds explains different animal behavior.  in the sound. Possible efforts will deal with further research on whale language and communication which in part requires the filtering of man-made noise pollution from the data.

2.    Goodies/Events—our org support team is working on

a big fall (mid-September) social event so many of us can meet each other over food, drinks, and music

monthly project creation hackathons

creating a list of times, places, and curriculum for free courses you can take for any reason. These are member created and taught courses

client fair—please attend and /meet some of our project clients to learn more about what they do and need

3.     Contacts/Invitations

Seattle Data for Good has been invited to participate in partnership projects developed by 501 Commons -- https://www.501commons.org/ and the Washington Technology Industry Association

We have reached out to Seattle mayor candidates to discuss how each of them values data-focused citizen service organizations and envisions putting data research services into city projects.

Seattle Data for Good has been invited to two conferences by our clients who want to include us in their success presentations


All media interest or inquiries regarding Seattle Data For Good should be directed to 206.319.3578. 

Office visits at the Impact Hub need to be scheduled in advance. Please use our contact form. 


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